"Young Heart" Now Available

Casey Weston, who surprised audiences as a semifinalist for Adam Levine's team during the first season of NBC's "The Voice," has revealed her latest album. Entitled Young Heart, the record contains eight new tracks.

The whole album is worth a listen, but fans of "The Voice" will be particularly interested in the sixth song, "No Strings Attached," because it features guest vocalist Amber Carrington - who was also a member of Team Adam during season four.

It's Weston's first record since 2013's Find The Moon. If you've followed the Florida singer-songwriter's career to this point, be aware that Young Heart doesn't contain the single that she released in December, "Fallin' For A Lie," so you'll want to pick that up separately.

She's still best known to national audiences from her time on "The Voice" in 2011, in which her second-chance audition cover of "Stupid Boy" impressed Levine. Weston then defeated Minnesota artist Tim Mahoney in the battle rounds and surprised audiences by beating out four-chair singer Jeff Jenkins to advance to the semifinals, where she eventually lost to the season's winner, Javier Colon.

In the almost four years since the end of her season, she has maintained a prolific touring schedule. She was a featured performer in the first incarnation of "The Voice Live on Tour," and has subsequently booked solo dates consistently, headlining some 70 concerts around the country.

Weston has also sung the National Anthem for the Phoenix Suns, and like many artists, expanded her fan base by covering songs on YouTube including "If I Die Young" and "Stars and Boulevards." Whether it's online or in person, she has constantly been finding ways to produce new music and reach new audiences.

Her upcoming tour schedule includes playing Newberry College in Newberry, South Carolina on March 19, the "Celebrate Bonita" event in Bonita Springs, Florida on April 11, the "Notes for Our Troops USA" event in Nashville, Tennessee on April 19, and the 2015 Country Life Music Festival in Punta Gorda, Florida on April 25.

Young Heart is now available on iTunes as well as direct from the artist at her website.